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See South Florida's best as the Marlins try to make the playoffs.
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Varsity Roster (Click on Name for Profile)

Player/(No.) Bats Throws Position
Anderson, Tyler (14) Right Right Right Field, Pitcher
Arenas, Adolfo (9) Right Right Catcher
Cournoyer, Brian Right Right Pitcher
Díaz, Adrian (25) Right Right Third
Duke, Kenny (8) Right Right Pitcher
Feliz, Ricky (12) Left Left Pitcher, Left Field
Gomes, Yan (11) Right Right Catcher, Shortstop
Lambert, Chad Right Right Third, Outfield
Lauriello, C.J. (2) Right Right Shortstop
Marlow, Kyle (23) Right Right Outfield, Pitcher
Reamer, J.D. (21) Right Right Second
Salmon, Marcus (46) Right Right Third, Catcher
Sforza-Flick, Cameron Right Right Second
Tyson, Kenny (17) Left Left Pitcher

Junior Varsity Roster (Click on Name for Profile)

Player/(No.) Bats Throws Position
Billbrough, Logan (5) Right Right Pitcher, Third
Blechman, David (1) Right Right Infield
Bobadilla, Alan (13) Left Left Pitcher
Cotilla, Rey (15) Right Right Pitcher
Delacruz, Jayson (11) Right Left Center Field
Emory, Sean (24) Left Right Pitcher, Shortstop
Garcia, Andrew (10) Right Right First, Outfield
Guerrero, Manny (19) Right Right Third
Hingston, Brian (5) Right Right Pitcher
Jacques, Victor (12) Switch Left Catcher, Third
Luzardo, Alex (20) Right Right Pitcher
Maggiore, Michael (3) Right Right Pitcher, Outfield
McDonald, Michael (24) Right Right First, Third, Pitcher
Nimer, Stephen (22) Right Right Pitcher, Infield
Olson, Nicholas (25) Right Right Pitcher
Parsons, Kevin (16) Right Right Outfield, Third
Peña, Carlos (21) Right Right Outfield
Petersen, Bryan (8) Right Right Catcher, Outfield
Prongay, Thomas (23) Right Right Pitcher, Infield
Rivera, Giovanni (7) Right Right Outfield
Tarazona, Daniel (6) Right Right Pitcher, Second
Valdes, Yasmany (2) Right Right Catcher

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